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Sacro-Occiptal Technique (SOT) is a holistic approach to chiropractic healthcare which includes detailed analysis and corrections for the spine, pelvis, cranium, extremities and visceral system.

Emphasis is placed on the structural integrity of the human body to allow stability and movement. Especially in modern times, the human body experiences stresses that disrupt its physiology, SOT promotes homeostasis.

SOT integrates easily and seamlessly with other chiropractic systems. Allowing practitioners to use several different techniques and approaches simultaneously to gather large amounts of information about underlying cranial, spinal and organ-related problems. These are then corrected using highly effective specific methods.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is a chiropractic technique first developed by Dr Bertrand DeJarnette (“the Major”) in the USA in 1925. Originally an engineer, DeJarnette suffered severe injuries after an explosion which eventually led him to spinal manipulative treatment, which he credited with saving his life. He was so influenced by his experience he trained in both osteopathy and chiropractic.

DeJarnette spent decades performing clinical research to develop a unique chiropractic approach. Focussing on normalising the relationship between the sacrum and the occiput, specifically cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics. His technique includes detailed procedures, using specific indicator based protocol for analysing and treating pelvic, spinal, cranial, visceral and extremity disorders. The research and the fruits of his research were a synthesis of his knowledge of chiropractic, osteopathy, and engineering.

He had a true passion for understanding the human body and the effects of chiropractic adjustments on physiology. As well as being a dedicated researcher, he was a prolific writer and published his work and conclusions in over 100 papers, booklets and books. 

DeJarnette researched and published his findings until the mid-1980s, when he was well into his eighties and died in 1992 at the age of 93. Here is a link to a Eulogy for DeJarnette.

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