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After attending his first SOT seminar in the USA, Dr Jonathan Howat completely changed his practice in Rhodesia overnight to SOT chiropractic.

After moving to the UK, Dr Howat invited instructors from Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) to the AECC in 1985 to teach 18 chiropractors. This was the beginning of SOTO in Europe.

Within a few years, as enthusiasm grew, it became apparent to Dr Howat that they needed to become responsible and proactive about providing their own training programme. So SOTO Europe was formed. 

SOTO Europe then saw exponential growth in both the number of delegates and the size of the educational curriculum. In the early stages, James Rousseau and Jonathan Howat put the modular educational system together. This modular system was later adapted around the SOT world and has been accepted as a formal teaching process. As a leading provider of post-graduate training in the chiropractic field, SOTO Europe runs a series of seminars to advance understanding and proficiency in Sacro Occipital Technique. The teaching is modular and progressive, but each seminar contains information and techniques that can be immediately integrated into your practice for the benefit of your patients.

The original ‘parent’ company of all SOT organisations throughout the world was the Sacro Occipital Research Society, established in the United States by Dr DeJarnette himself in 1929. This became the Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) in 1957 and still holds all rights to the teaching of SOT methods. There are now several SOT organisations worldwide, with more emerging all the time. Usually, only one organisation per country or continent is recognised and accredited by SORSI.

Most recently, approved and recognised SOT organisations around the world have come together under an international alliance, SOTO International (SOTO-I). This includes SORSI, SOTO Europe (SOTO-E), SOTO Australasia (SOTO-A), SOTO Japan, SOTO Brazil, and SOTO South America (SOTO-SA). In 2010 SOTO International oversaw the establishment of standardised universal texts, presentations and certification for the organisations teaching SOT globally, the only chiropractic training organisation in the world to do this.

More recent anatomical discoveries like the myodural bridge that connects the suboccipital musculature fascia and the cervical dura mater; the glymphatic system, which acts as part of the lymphatic drainage of the brain, related to the importance deep breathing and sleep to facilitate the irrigation of waste from the brain tissues.

These discoveries speak to the ingenuity of the mind of DeJarnette and others who, at the beginning of the 1900s, were theorising about the importance of pelvic/spinal integrity (in particular, the relationship between the sacrum and occiput) to maintain a sacral pump motion for CSF dynamics. Without the technology we have today, these great minds were surmising the existence of such systems.

The discovery of the glymphatic system in 2015 appears to be validating the theories and research of Dejarnette and other chiropractors & osteopaths

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