Attendee Name Date Attended Overall Review Material presented Information was clinically useful Will be able to use the material straight away Presentation Practical Content Venue How was this SOT seminar advertised to you? How would you prefer your notes at future seminars? What did you like about this seminar? What didn’t you like about this seminar? How could we improve this seminar? Event ID Event Name Lecturers (Names) Overall Rating for the Lecturers Table Instructors (Names) Overall Rating for the Table Instructors
Leanna Sato May 27, 2023

Great introduction seminar, great instructors !

10 10 10 10 10 10 SOTO E Website Electronically in advance of the seminar

I very much anticipated this seminar, gives some practical techniques to use straight away.

I know the material is dense and that cranial is a series of modules, I guess I would’ve liked to learn more techniques to utilize straight away but i think it may be that I am just impatient ti learn more


251 Module 4 Intro to Cranial Toulouse Lyana Sepia, Kephra Froehlich 10, 10
Till Voß March 25, 2023

Useful summary of adjusting every extremity.

5 6 9 6 5 7 Word of Mouth Printed and received at the seminar

Assessing strength of muscle and joints

Quite a slow pace and quite rushed at the end to finish the manual.

Keeping a steady pace and finishing by having practiced everything.

1 Module 3 Extremities 8 10
Ruslan Stoyanov March 25, 2023 10 10 10 10 10 10 SOTO E. Email Printed and received at the seminar

Very good and clinically useful content

Old classroom style would be better

6 Module 9 Cranial Specific Clare Cullen, Duncan Rockett 10, 10
inga Hurren March 25, 2023

Great course. Day 1 felt like lower limb was taught very slowly & day 2 upper limb was taught very fast. Would have loved a better balance. but overall was amazing.

10 10 10 10 10 10 1 Module 3 Extremities
Joe Guy Porter March 25, 2023

Excellent like CMRT 1.

5 10 10 10 10 10 SOTO E Website Printed and received at the seminar

Comprehensive and as advertised.


Nothing I can think of

5 Module 6 CMRT 2 Kathryn, Luyana, Kurt 10, 10, 10
Marcus Koch March 25, 2023

Thanks so much for the seminar, all information were presented in a very well presented manner. The instructors were highly motivated to give us the best possible learning experience.

9 9 7 8 8 8 Word of Mouth Electronically in advance of the seminar

All instructors were excellent and presented all material with big enthusiasm. Both professors are very skilled and had a high degree of professionalism. Also the teaching methods were effective and were well understood by the students.

It would be also good for this seminar to have video material to buy and to better prepare for the exams.

It would be amazing to have all material in a pdf format 1 week before the seminar starts and a written copy.

5 Module 6 CMRT 2 Kathryn Haslam 9 Lyana Nepia 10
Monika Berger March 25, 2023 6 Module 9 Cranial Specific
Julia Busse March 25, 2023

I would have liked a little bit more help at the table espcially regarding the actual releases/adjustments.

6 7 6 6 7 8 Word of Mouth Printed and received at the seminar 1 Module 3 Extremities
Sylvie Tops-Whitfield March 25, 2023

Very useful course, can use it straight away in clinic! So much great information, I decided to repeat the course!

9 9 9 9 9 8 Word of Mouth Electronically in advance of the seminar

Immediately applicable in clinic the next day



1 Module 3 Extremities Ann McDonnell 9 Andrea Wynnick, Lowena Sandercock 9, 9
Wan Hua Lim March 25, 2023

able to see a bigger picture and link it back to the basics

9 9 9 9 9 8 Word of Mouth

we get to practice one by one straight after the theory

I prefer to have a table set up like last year compare to this year which I find it difficult in writing the notes on my lap

coloured notes will be more preferable as some of the entry point picture can’t see it clearly due to the black and white printing

5 Module 6 CMRT 2 Dr Kathryn Haslam 9 Dr Carl Irwin 9

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